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Slashing the men of X-men Origins: Wolverine

This community is for slash pairings (or more) from the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fiction, art, icons, wallpapers, videos, all welcome. Crossovers and AUs also welcome, just make sure you have one or more of the x-men boys in with your other favorite boys.

Not many rules, but, as always there needs to be a few:

1. Be nice. Snark is ok, flaming, trolling and general asshattery isn't.
2. Linking to your story or art on your own journal is fine. Just let people know that your cut is fake, and for heavens sake, make sure your post is unlocked.
3. Title, Author, rating, summary and warnings outside the cut, story under the cut.
4. One or two icons, or a g-ish rated preview outside the cut, the rest under the cut.

That's all I can think of for now, not saying there won't be more if the need arises. But I trust all of you to be adults or at least act like you are.

Oh, and I'm angstpuppy, your den mother. Hi.